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R.I.P. Richard Attenborough


Promotional video for 2014’s most exciting Tech company: HitFox Group!

I shot the team hard at work in their Berlin office, and also came with them to document their annual strategy meeting held in the gorgeous German countryside. This is a company that definitely works hard and plays hard!

Check out their official website at


Punks in squatted flat, East-Berlin, 1982 (photographed by Ilse Ruppert)


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M.I.A. writing her album “Arular” - 2004 


M.I.A. writing her album “Arular” - 2004 

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“The buddhists have this idea of the hungry ghosts. The hungry ghosts are creatures with large empty bellies and small scrawny necks and tiny little mouth so they can never get enough, they can never fill this emptiness on the inside. And we are all hungry ghosts in this society, we all have this emptiness and so many of us are trying to fill this emptiness from the outside and the addiction is all about trying to fill that emptiness from the outside.”


Gabor Maté - The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power

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inspired.: How to write an Artist Statement

Writing my first ever Artist Statement as a filmmaker, here are some useful examples and tips.

“There is nothing connected with the staging of a motion picture that a woman cannot do as easily as a man, and there is no reason why she cannot completely master every technicality of the art.”


Alice Guy-Blache, 1914.

Guy-Blache was the inventor of the fiction motion picture way back in 1896, a fact usually forgotten by film historians… probably something to with her being a woman…

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Note to self

The Long Game: The Secret to Creativity Meeting Success



The image of the struggling artist is common to general audiences. Just as common to the public is the image of the genius artist. Delve presents a two-part series titled The Long Game in which the latter image is broken down, revealing that genius more than often grows from patience and…


"I can’t explain it myself but that’s the power of cinema." — Akira Kurosawa

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•Spoilers ahead•

I’ve been a huge Jonathan Glazer fan all this time without knowing it. Director of visually inventive and startlingly raw music videos, his work has had a huge influence on me. His video for Massive Attack’s “Live With Me” is one of those haunting character studies that you can’t get out of your mind. And his “Surfer” commercial for Guinness (“Tick follows tock follows tick follows tock”) remains one of the most iconic commercials ever made.

I finally got around the watching his latest feature film, Under the Skin. I have to say that, while I loved the first hour (especially the chilling, almost metaphorical way that Scarlett Johansson dispatches of her victims), the second half was a huge disappointment. The ending especially filled me with rage. After watching Scarlett interact and investigate our world with sinister intensity, I couldn’t believe she ended up panicked and dishevelled, running through a forest to escape a rapist. I was reminded of all those boring horror films featuring sexy women getting brutally murdered, and in the end this film was no different. Maybe Glazer’s point was that man is the scariest or most evil being of all, maybe there is some deeper point that went over my head, but to me, the message was loud and clear “Women, know your place. The world is not safe for you.” I know that this was not the director’s intention at all, but what a boring, stereotypical ending to what had previously felt like groundbreaking new work. At least the first part was brave and masterful, and I guess a strong hateful reaction is better than boredom.

Happily, I was much much more impressed with his controversial earlier film, Birth. With echoes of Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining, this emotional film about reincarnation and our belief in the afterlife doesn’t put a step wrong. I don’t want to say too much about the film other than it is a true masterpiece, with the performance of a lifetime by Nicole Kidman. Very very curious to see what classic this groundbreaking director will create next.

Had fun shooting the video for Fier Vitrine SS15 exhibition party. Great designs and very hardworking models, loving the black floral headbands.


Akira Kurosawa (?) explains the 180º rule.

Paprika (2006) Dir. Satoshi Kon

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